ResCom HOA + Rental Management

What to expect when you hire Rescom to manage your property

Remove, Remodel, Renovate

Our company is comprised of many services designed to help make your decisions easy and affordable. For our customers only, we offer everything from lawn and landscape maintenance, siding, construction services, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and so much more. We tailor all of our service to meet your wants and needs.

The design of our company is to provide fast and efficient home and property services at fair prices. We do this by closely working with the vendors, suppliers and contractors for a predetermined cost of goods. We offer an automated work order systems allowing efficient and quick turnaround times for needed repairs. Your property is a priority, even while you sleep. We manage all work daily for you or your association and you will always have a contact on the other end of the phone, not a voice mail. We know it’ll be done with the quality of work you expect and its satisfaction guaranteed.
Rescom HOA and Property Managemeent
Our employees are professional in all aspects of business, providing you with a complete understanding of the service(s) performed while providing onsite pay ability for convenience. We guarantee our work, and deliver on our promise.
We are ResCom HOA + Rental Management, meeting the needs of both our commercial and residential customers.
ResCom HOA + Rental Management
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Wichita, KS 67211.

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